Why sell now?

With the £20,000 tax-free lump sum available through our solar buyback of your system decreasing every single-day, there is no better time than now to cash in on your sunshine than today!

Why is it important to sell your Solar PV system now? In order to receive the maximum tax-free lump sum from us for your solar system you must act now. Solar panels lose electricity production capability every year. The older the solar panels become, the more their value will depreciate overtime. With the Government FiT (Feed In Tariff) set to expire, a move that will result in solar panels having a valuation close to £0, selling today rather than later will enable you to get the highest possible return. Don’t wait around and let the value of your solar panels decrease over time, cash in today and get the highest price possible!

Did you know that when you sell your home, if you have paid the upfront cost of the solar system, you won’t necessarily benefit from the value in the sale. So if you don’t want all that money spent to go to waste, whilst the new homeowner reaps the rewards of paying 20% or even just £0 towards the solar system you put in, selling to us now is the only way to go if you want to release the value you paid in.

Whether you are looking for some extra cash to fund your next holiday abroad, for DIY/home improvements or help your favourite children/grandchildren finance their university studies or first house, selling today and cashing-in on our maximum £20,000 lump sum makes perfect sense.

With thousands of happy customers who have already sold their solar systems to us, selling now makes sense.