About Us

Our Mission

We aim to make an attractive renewable source of energy applicable and profitable to you, all while ensuring it is an easy, simple and hassle free process in your household. As a business, we know just how important it is to keep our world green, which is why at Solarfair we are proud to be one of the many businesses taking advantage of such renewable energy system. At the heart of our mission, we aim to put you and all our customers at the forefront of this to not only take that leap forward but also take a clean source of energy and make it extremely suitable for you through financial incentives, free solar electricity and peace of mind.


Solarfair Investments Ltd is a renewable technology investment fund who invest for the long term in renewable energy.

When you deal with the Solarfair team you get through to a real person who will guide you through the whole process, starting from valuation, survey, raising and registering the paperwork, to processing your payment.

As the ‘tenant’ of the ‘airspace’ above your home, we make sure you have a solid agreement in place which fully protects both parties for the term of the agreement.

Upon completion of the process, we will install a new generation meter.  This will allow our monitoring team to receive readings on a daily basis, and monitor the performance of the solar panels.  You will not have to worry about providing readings in future.  Should our monitoring team detect any problems with the solar panels we will arrange for necessary maintenance to be carried out at no additional cost. 

The electricity the solar panels generate is still available for you to use completely free of charge.

We cater for every market.  Whether you have solar panels on the roof of your home, a solar farm, a commercial installation, or even a portfolio of all these, we have the expertise and infrastructure you need to realise your investment.

Meet The Team

Our team is composed of experienced and proven professionals within the solar energy sector, ready to start your journey on the clean, renewable and profitable source of energy.