Looking for the best deal in solar buy back in the UK?

We offer several benefits as a part of our solar buyback process. Our approach means you not only get a tax free lump sum of up to £20,000 but you also continue to benefit from the solar electricity generated.

As a highly trusted solar buyback company in UK, we will send a comprehensive quote for your consideration. Once you accept our offer, you can relax because our team will take care of the entire process. During the lifetime of your solar PV system’s feed-in tariff, we will ensure proper monitoring, management, and maintenance of your system without charging you anything. This means you can sell your solar system now and have peace of mind knowing you will still enjoy all the benefits of solar electricity.


How does it work?

At SolarFair we aim to make the process as easy and simple for you as possible, which is why we have split the process itself into 5 straightforward stages.

Solar Buy Back UK

Solarfair Investments Ltd is a renewable energy investment fund with a passion for increasing the amount of Green Energy in the UK. Having been investing in the UK solar assets since 2011, Solarfair has residential customers across the country.

If you have solar panels installed and receive a Feed-in-Tariff for the electricity you generate, why wait to receive your payments spread out over many years, when you can enjoy the benefits of a cash lump sum today.

We can buy your Solar System today and provide free maintenance and repairs, whilst you can continue to enjoy the benefits of free solar electricity.


So why choose us?

FreeSolar Electricity

We do not charge for the electricity generated and used in your home, giving you instant saving on your bills!

Hassle FreeProcess

Once you accept our quotation, our team will handle the whole process for you

Free ServiceMaintenance

We will monitor, manage and maintain your Solar PV system throughout the lifetime of its Feed in Tariff at no extra cost to you.

CashLump Sum

We pay you a Tax Free Lump Sum sent directly to your chosen bank account for your Solar system as well as the associated FID.

Freedom toChange Mind

Once you sign your Solar Buy Back Contract we give you a 14 day period should you wish to change your mind

Peaceof Mind

At the heart of our operations, our number one priority that we constantly achieve is ensuring peace of mind for the future.

Installation of aNew Generation

As part of our Feed-In-Tariff transfer process we do install a new solar PV generation meter, allowing us to monitor your readings and update us with the systems performance remotely so you should not have to worry about providing future readings.

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Solar Buy Back Company in UK

Solarfair is a renewable technology investment fund with a passion for increasing the amount of Green Energy in the UK.

If you have Solar PV installed and receive a Feed in Tariff for the electricity you generate, why wait to receive your Feed in Tariff payments spread out over many years when you can enjoy the benefits today.We can buy your Solar System today and provide free maintenance and repairs, whilst you continue to enjoy the benefit cheaper electricity.

Contact us today for a no obligation quotation.

Peace of mind for the future

As well as a tax-free cash lump sum you will receive ….

Free Solar Electricity

Continue to use the electricity the solar panels generate completely free of charge.

Free Maintenance Plan

Our team will monitor and maintain your solar PV system for the term of the FiT completely free of charge.

Our Mission

When you deal with the Solarfair team you get through to a real person who will guide you through the whole process, from valuation, survey, raising and registering the paperwork, and processing your payment.

As the ‘tenant’ of the ‘air space’ above your home, we make sure you have a solid agreement in place which fully protects both parties for the term of the agreement.

Upon completion of the process, we will install a new generation meter.  This will allow our monitoring team to receive readings on a daily basis, and monitor the performance of the solar panels.

You will not have to worry about providing readings in future.  Should our monitoring team detect any problems with the solar panels we will arrange for necessary maintenance to be carried out completely free of charge.The electricity the solar panels generates is still available for you to use completely free of charge.

We cater for every market.  Whether you have solar panels on the roof of your home, a solar farm, a commercial installation, or even a portfolio of all these, we have the expertise and infrastructure you need to realise your investment.

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